Monday, July 4, 2011

So Much For A One-Day-Hiatus...

Friday night I got home around 11 and was exhausted. I also had my computer taken away.

Saturday, I woke up late, had to help clean the house, and then had guests over until 11 and promptly went to bed. Still no computer.

Sunday, I made cinnamon swirl bread and strawberry sorbet, but neither of them were finished when I went to bed. Again, no computer.

Monday, I finished up the bread and the sorbet and took some pictures but was unable to make any finalized pictures. Finally, computer.

Plans for Tuesday: Wake up at 9. Bake lemon bars and milk chocolate florentine cookies. Take pictures. Post online.

I will be caught up. I will.

Also, I'm convinced I'm becoming a cat, the number of hours I'm awake during the day is shortening. Please call for help if I start meowing.


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