Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Four - Brownies

For future reference, I count a day as when I go to sleep to when I wake up. So, even though technically these brownies were made on a Wednesday, I am counting them as being made on a Tuesday. I enjoy baking at one in the morning, so expect this to continue.

Anyways, considering it was already past midnight when I started looking up recipes and I have volunteering tomorrow which runs from seven to five, I really didn't feel like doing anything extensive. I also realized that I had never made brownies from scratch.

 They were really easy to make and I had absolutely no problems. I used the optional recipe which called for no nuts. I'm sorry, I am not a nut-in-brownie kinda gal. Never have been.

Because they are cooling, I haven't had a chance to eat one yet, but I am looking forward to a delicious breakfast of butter, sugar and chocolate.